Knight Family Crest from England

The Knight Family Crest

Knight is the name of the family that is directly controlled by Queen Victoria. It is a secret executive agency of England and is strictly confidential. Often called the "Queen's Watchdogs" or the "Evil Noblemen," they have served the Royal Family for generations.

Knight is associated with nobility, and the head of the household has the rightful position as an earl or dame. Knight is also considered to be a famous household.


The Knight's task is neither blithe nor easy and explains that every country has a surface world but there is always an underworld as well; Great Britain is no exception. The Knight is a dark agency that conceals all of the Royal Family's wrongdoings and eliminates every thread linking to the Royal Family's involvement, no matter how dirty the method.

The Knight family has the power to control and manage everything in the underworld of Britain and maintain the division between the underworld and surface world. An interference with the regular society usually opts the Queen to rely on the Knights to annihilate it as shown when the Queen orders Amelia Knight to get rid of Jack the Ripper, solve the case of Anglo-Indians being harassed, recover the missing children, and discover the reason behind the illegal human experimentation.

In general, the Knights are a secret committee that carries out special duties. Because of that, the funds for their activities and their rewards cannot be included in the nation budget. Thus, the Scotland Yard members come personally to deliver the genuinely bribe money to the Knights.

Knight ManorEdit

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Known Members of the Knight FamilyEdit

Knight HouseholdEdit

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