Amelia Knight
Kanji アメリア騎士
Romanji Ameria Kishi
Race Human
Birthday November 13,1876
Age 13-14
Gender Female
Height 5'3ft
Weight 110lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Faustian Contract
Previous Affiliation Noah's Ark Circus
Occupation Dame of Knight
Previous Occupation Second-tier member of Noah's Ark Circus
Base of Operations Knight Manor


Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Victor Knight (father,deceased)

Rachel Knight (mother, deceased)
Angelina Duress (aunt, deceased)
Frances Milford (aunt)
Eric Milford (cousin)
Edward Milford (cousin, fiancée)
Clause (uncle)

First Appearance

Dame Amelia Knight (アメリア騎士, Ameria Kishi ) is the head of the Knight noble family and the owner of the Knight Company. She is the daughter of Victor and Rachel Knight. Amelia is the main protagonist of the Akumabatora series.


Amelia is a young girl with amber eyes and long red hair. As the head of the noble Knight family, she typically dresses in a way that suits her standing, and has a very extensive and elegant wardrobe.


Amelia is a very strict and proud character, with a general cold outlook on life. As proud as she is, her main goal in life is for those who have betrayed the Knight family to experience the same level of humiliation and suffering she did.[1]She willingly chooses to fulfill her revenge, despite her aunt's insistence that she should pursue a happier life.



One morning Seff Michaelis, a butler, wakes Amelia Knight, the thriteen years old Dame, and serves her an elegant breakfast. He takes the initiative to dress her master and inform her of her prompt schedule for the day. As the day progresses, Seff's meritorious skills as a fighter and servant are highlighted. Amelia tells her butler that they received a call from Italy from Sir Clause, who would arrive at six o' clock and Seff promises hospitality.[2]

Afterward, Clause arrives and Amelia asks for her usual goods. Clause hands over the game and tells her it was difficult to obtain. Amelia requests for another game soon, saying that kids have a greed for games.[6]

Seff interrupts and serves them their evening meal. Things are processing smoothly until May accidentally spills wine on the tablecloth.[3] Seff then pulls the stained tablecloth cleanly and swiftly from the table without disrupting the food and plates on it. Amelia tells Clause to ignore the tablecloth and continue eating leisurely. Clause praises Amelia's butler and they enjoy dessert.

Later, Amelia and Seff go to retrieve a new cane to replace the one Fin broke. The shopkeeper mistakes Seff as the owner of "Master's" cane to Amelia's annoyance. Seff tests the cane out on the shopkeeper, scaring and thus, silencing him. They both depart from the shop after the butler pays for the cane.

When they arrive home, Amelia is shocked to find her manor and servants decorated with boyish accessories. She discovers that her fiancee, Edward Milford, is responsible for this. He wants a dance party despite Amelia's dismay.[4]Seff reminds her that she can not afford to turn Edward down coldly since he is the son of the Milford family and her future husband. Seff soon concludes that Amelia has no dancing experience, which is why she is reluctant to join Edward to the dance. He offers to teach Amelia the basics.

Afterwards, Amelia comes out to greet Edward, and he is excited until he notices Amelia's amulet.  He snatches it, noting how old it is and how the size is unsuitable. Amelia yells at her to give it back and he yells at her anger. Edward throws the amulet and it shatters to pieces at the impact.[5]Amelia is horrified in seeing her amulet broken and attempts to punch Edward, but Seff stops her. Amelia then picks up the shattered amelia and tosses it out the window. She declares that the head of the Knight is her even without the amulet. Amelia dances with Edward.

In her bedroom, Amelia reaches for her blue amulet only to remember that it is gone. Seff remarks that the ring is actually very important to Amelia and that she had only put on an ostentatious show of throwing it away for Edward. He puts his hand over Amelia's and when he uncovers it, the amulet, repaired, is in Amelia's hand. Amelia comments how the ring has witnessed the deaths of its masters; her grandfather and father. Irrefutably, she says, she would grow sick one day and pass away with the ring. Sebastian tucks her into bed and Amelia orders her to stay be her side until she falls asleep.

Later, Amelia is playing pool with other nobles. She promises that she would catch the "rat" soon since she received ingredients, that is drugs, from Clause. Amelia then retreats to her study, and she is grabbed by an unseen attacker.

Before long, the kidnapper is revealed to be the Italian drug dealer, Aldo Tavani of the Franchetti family. He has bounded and beaten Amelia. Aldo says that he hates the English because they are too submissive to the Queen. He asks Amelia to cooperate but Amelia states that she refuses to conspire with a filthy "rat". Aldo demands to know the location of the drugs Clause obtained, threatening to kill Amelia's servants if not told, but Amelia simply laughs it off. Aldo kicks Amelia and tells his snipers that negotiations are over and to kill Amelia's servants.

Soon after, the snipers inform Aldo that they have failed their annihilation mission to kill off the Knight servants. Infuriated, Aldo orders them through the phone to return at once, but the snipers begin to scream at an oncoming attack and their voices are cut off. Amelia chuckles and the latter, outraged, kicks Amelia tumultuously. Seff answers the phone, introducing himself as a member of the Knight household, and says that he will come for Amelia soon.

Afterwards, Seff arrives and attempts to hand over the ransom but Aldo has hidden men shoot him multiple times, inflicting what would be fatal wounds. He boasts that he is the winner of the game and returns his attention to Amelia. Aldo threatens to sell him and removes Amelia's choker. Amelia asks Seff how long does he plan to continue to play dead. In response, Seff stands up and "returns" the bullets by throwing the bullets back at the men and killing them.

Seff and Amelia banter for a while which distresses Aldo greatly and he threatens to shoot off Amelia's head. When Seff delays in saving him, Amelia demands if Seff dares to go against the Faustian contract. Seff answers the negative, assuring him that that would be unthinkable. Amelia's right neck gleams with the contract's seal, and she orders Seff to save her. Aldo impulsively shoots at Amelia only to realize that she is not dead. Seff appears behind him with the bullet Aldo has shot and returns it to him, dropping it into Aldo's pocket. He then sets Amelia down in a chair, releases her bounds, and finishes Aldo off.

Amelia and Seff return to the manor where the other servants greet them warmly. Seff asks Amelia for forgiveness because he has not finished the day's supper preparations.


It is the social season in London, and Amelia has been invited to countless events of different varieties. Amelia and Seff ride on a carriage to London and arrive at Ciel's London townhouse. They come in to find Laue, Angelina Duress and her butler, Gretel Clifftop, looting her house for tea. Amelia grouches to herself that of the people she did not want to see, they all came. Seff apologizes for not accommodating them earlier since he has no idea guests were coming, and prepares them tea. Amelia then discusses about the Jack the Ripper case. In order to get more information, they go see a London funeral director, Undertaker.

They arrive at a dilapidated shop where Undertaker is.[6]Undertaker appears out of a coffin and informs that the murdered prostitutes all had something in common. But then he asks for a compensation, which would be a "first-rate laugh", before he plans to reveal that crucial detail. After Seff amuses him successfully, Undertaker reveals that all victims had their wombs removed. The culprit's work indicates that it has to someone experienced.

During the carriage ride, they speculate that anyone with medical training could be the murderer, and that the womb and organs are likely removed for use in a black magic ritual. Seff jumps out of the moving carriage to go compile a list of potential suspects, as ordered by Amelia.

They arrive back at Amelia's townhouse late because Gretel traveled the wrong way. Seff has already returned home first than them with the tea and preparations finished. The butler shows that a list of names that fits their conditions have been made, and they discover that the only person who suits their criteria is the Viscount of Pruitt, Allister Chamber. Seff informs that on the 19th hour of today, the Viscount of Pruitt will be hosting a party so tonight would be the most convenient time to go and investigate. Angelina uses her popularity to arrange invitations and connections for them all to come to the party. Seff tells Amelia that she would not be attending using the name Knight so she must use her chance properly.

That evening, Angelina and Gretel attend the party as themselves, Amelia as Madam Red's niece from the countryside, Seff as Amelia's brother, and Laue as Angelina's lover.[7]They enter the party in search for Allister. Amelia and Seff go through great lengths to evade Edward Milford so Amelia's identity would not be discovered, and as an effect, tarnished.

Soon after, Amelia encounters Alister and the latter leads him to a room behind the curtains. Amelia precariously enters only to notice an abnormal, sweet fragrance in the air. She begins to grow dizzy and her vision of the Viscount grows dimmer, and she realizes that she has to escape. However, she is knocked unconscious by the drug.

In a brief flashback, Seff is putting a corset on Amelia, who dramatically claims that her organs are coming out. Amelia then wakes up to to find herself blindfolded and her limbs tied. She hears the Viscount's voice talking to a certain audience, announcing that Amelia is the item they have been anticipating. He allows them to keep Amelia in a cage, "play with her" as much as they please, use her in a ceremony, or parts of her could be sold according to what the customer prefers. Amelia concludes that this is an underground auction and Allister is responsible for the Jack the Ripper killings. A person removes her blindfold, and the bid for Amelia begins. However, Seff comes to rescue her, and they manage to escape before the arrival of the police.

In the following morning, the newspaper states that there has been another murder by the Jack the Ripper last night. Amelia is dumbfounded as Alister Chamber didn't go anywhere last night, and she tells Seff to organize another list of suspects since Allister is obviously not Jack the Ripper.[37]

Later Angelina comes in while Amelia is working and offers to play a game of chess with her. As they begin playing chess, Amelia explains her relationship with Seff. Angelina replies that she should have another way of living, a brighter way instead of pursuing revenge. Amelia corrects her, telling her that she does not wish for revenge for it is just a show of selfishness. She did this for herself as she wishes for those who betrayed the Knight family to experience the same level of humiliation and suffering she did. Amelia consecutively beats Angelina at chess forty-six times, and she remarks that she always lose to her at chess. She kisses her on the cheek goodnight, saying she had a happy time playing with her, and retires for the night.  In Amelia's bedroom, Seff informs her of his findings and tells her to make a decision.

Later, Amelia is disguised a pauper girl. Seff has accompanied her to a cluster of buildings. They are on guard outside the next murderer's target's room to await the arrival of Jack the Ripper. They hear a scream from the prostitute's house, despite not seeing anyone enter. They rush inside, and Seff stops Amelia from witnessing the murder. They quickly discover that Gretel is the murderer, and he comes up with a feeble excuse for why he was there, despite unequivocally being covered in the prostitute's blood. Gretel soon reveals his true form as a Grim Reaper, and Angelina reveals herself as his partner in crime.

Amelia says her name had been in the list of suspects, but that no human could have committed the act. However, due to the acts required to carry off the scheme, Gretel, a Grim Reaper, as the co-criminal would be a different matter. His supernatural abilities would allow access to the prostitute's room without Ciel and Sebastian knowing and to travel to the murder scene from the Viscount's party. Thus, both Angelina and Gretel had to act together as Jack the Ripper. An additional connection between all the prostitutes was that they had all had an abortion at Angelina's hospital. The prostitute Seff and Amelia have been guarding was the last name on the list, yet unfortunately they have failed to secure her life.

Angelina comments that it is sad she figured it out, because now they cannot play chess together anymore. Gretel whips out his Death Scythe and attacks Amelia, which Seff is able to stop. Amelia takes off her choker and orders Seff to capture them. Seff removes his coat to protect Amelia from the rain, and promises to make her hot milk when they return to the manor. Gretel then dives in between Seff and Amelia with his Death Scythe, and he and Seff battle.

Slightly down the street, Amelia questions Angelina as to why she committed these murders. She brandishes a knife, calls herself "the hunted", and states that there is only one path. She questions her again, but she says that she would not understand even if told the reason for her actions. She moves in to kill her, yelling how it would be better if Amelia was never born, but then she hesitates. Seff, taking note of the attack, moves to kill her, but Amelia orders him to stop.

When he does, Amelia notices how injured Seff is and Gretel comments that Seff has great endurance, as he went to save Amelia when one of his arms was useless. Gretel then orders Angelina to kill Amelia, and she says that she cannot. Gretel wonders about this, as she has already killed so many women, and says that if she does not kill, it would be her turn to be killed. Angelina refuses, and he stabs her directly in the chest with his Death Scythe.[8]Gretel takes his leave, but Amelia orders Seff to take down Jack the Ripper. They then resume fighting. After a while, Seff gains the upper-hand and is about to kill Gretel with his own Death Scythe when William Tear, another Grim Reaper, appears.[9]William apologizes and drags Grell away. Ciel is tired, and Sebastian suggests that they head home.

At Angelina Duress's funeral, Amelia arrives late, but carries a red dress. She walks to her casket, and says that the white flowers and subdued clothes she was placed in does not suit her, as only passionate red does. He presses his forehead against hers as red flower petals drift through the chapel at this time, much to the guests' surprise. Leaving the red dress there, Ciel tells his aunt to rest in peace.[50]

Outside, in the graveyard, Lau asks if Ciel told the Queen of Jack the Ripper's true identity, which Ciel responds that he found that to be unnecessary, as the Jack the Ripper killings has been stopped. Lau says this decision will cause him to "sink into the mud," because of his refusal to seek help. Ciel retaliates by saying Lau's opium and intoxicants den, in time, will surely be closed by the police. Lau brushes this off, saying he can find a new business venture, as his interest in England and in Ciel has not yet been exhausted.[51]

They part ways, and Ciel and Sebastian go to speak to Undertaker. Undertaker calls Ciel kind to give a nameless prostitute her own grave. However, Ciel denies this, because he had many opportunities to save this woman, but he placed catching the killer above saving her so she died. He admits he even let his own aunt die for the same reason. Undertaker asks if he feels regret, and Ciel says he does not because the killer is gone and Queen Victoria can be at ease. Undertaker remarks that he dislikes the Queen because she forces harsh tasks for the Earl to complete. Ciel replies that it is the karma his family has been burdened with, which he has inherited along with his ring. Undertaker comments the ring acts as a collar and soon departs, saying the Earl and his butler can stop by any time.[52]

Sebastian agrees that Ciel was kind, or else he would be just a coward, because Ciel had a hidden gun, but did not pull the trigger. He had hesitated in killing Angelina, even when Sebastian insisted, and Sebastian guesses this is because Ciel was too afraid. Ciel dismisses this claim, saying it was Sebastian's job to protect him, regardless of whether Ciel protected himself. Ciel says that since demons have no convictions or loyalties, Sebastian will protect him for the sake of a demon's principles and aesthetics.[53] Sebastian asks why he was stopped from killing Angelina then, and Ciel explains that she hesitated in killing him and lost sight of her next move. Ciel says he will not regret decisions that have allowed him to advance, and he orders Sebastian to never betray or leave him.[54]

Several months after the death of Angelina, Ciel dreams of the incident that happened during a stormy night, where it took away all his hopes and dreams. He was face to face with Death when he saw a black crow flew over his head and its gaze is filled with mirage as it tells him the dead will never return to life. Sebastian comes to wake Ciel up, and he slowly awakens from his nightmare only to pull a gun on Sebastian's forehead, telling him not to touch him.[55]

Sebastian prepares him milk tea to soothe his nerves. He suggests against reading Edgar Allan Poe's works before nighttime but Ciel brushes it off, saying he could do as he pleases. Sebastian informs him that Frances and Elizabeth Midford would visit this afternoon, and Ciel gets anxious over this, ordering Sebastian to quickly make preparations.[56] Soon after, the Midfords arrive in the morning, instead of in the afternoon as planned, which Ciel expected. He and Sebastian go out to greet them, and Frances comments that Ciel's and Sebastian's bangs are improperly long, and that they should take after Tanaka. She imperiously grabs them both and combs their bangs back neatly. Distressed by Ciel's "lazing about" and Sebastian's "indecency," Frances decides to begin retraining, and they later end up at the stables. Upon seeing the splendid horses, Frances challenges Ciel to a hunting contest, and taunts him by saying that hunting is too strenuous for the Earl since he has a small, skinny build, similar to a girl's. In response, Ciel orders Sebastian to begin the preparations.[57]

Elizabeth, Ciel, Sebastian, and Frances advance to the woods, and Sebastian lays down the rules and sets the time limit as three hours. As soon as he allows them to begin, Frances runs off, and Ciel tries to get Elizabeth to hop down off of his horse. While she argues, Frances gets the first point, already shooting a bird. Ciel fishes out his gun and shoots a bird right by Elizabeth's ear to even out the score. This startles her, but he says he will not lose in a competition. He then tells Elizabeth to stay with Sebastian since it would be too dangerous.[58]

At the end of the competition, they are tied with hunting fifteen animals each. They go to eat lunch, and Frances states that she will not be appeased until there is a declared victor. Ciel agrees, though noting that occasions whereby he agrees with her is rare. Sebastian arranges for another competition in the afternoon.[59]

While eating, a bear comes out of the woods and heads for Elizabeth. Ciel dives on top of her to protect her, and it appears that Frances was able to kill the bear before it could attack. Ciel concedes that he lost, since she killed a sixteenth animal, and she commends him for his bravery. She acknowledges him worthy of being her future son-in-law, and they decide to go home.[60]

Back at the manor, the servants reveal a surprise they have for Ciel, cake and decorations. Frances, who looks upset, says the servants beat her to it, as she had actually come there to wish him a happy thirteenth birthday. Ciel provides a genuine smile and thanks everyone. Afterwards, they celebrate and admire the snow.[61][62]

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